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For the Russian people Lake Baikal is a national treasure. Located in Siberia near the Mongolian border, and surrounded by mountains, forests and wild rivers, Baikal in an immense and breathtaking area of physical beauty. Baikal holds twenty per cent of the earth’s fresh water and harbors more endemic species of plants and animals than any other lake in the world. A glimpse into the lake’s clear water is enough to convince anyone that nature not only exists in Siberia, it flourishes. The lake’s surrounding wild mountains and rivers make Lake Baikal region an ideal area for engaging in an array of outdoor pursuits including hiking, climbing, whitewater sports, skiing and nature photography.

The formula of our tour itineraries:
No special physical abilities are required to be on our tour itineraries, one just has to be moderately fit and ready for active leisure in great outdoors.
Throughout tour itineraries we offer our professional guides will provide all necessary assistance for smooth running of each tour, our up-to-date, reliable gear/equipment meets strict performance and durability standards.

On our tour itineraries you will find true adventures, make your own discoveries, trace evidences of ancient civilizations, and take part in the Shaman Rite of Purification and much more…
Tours we offer cover an area of 75,000 sq km including Lake Baikal and adjacent areas of Pribaikalsky, Zabaikalsky and Tunkinsky National Parks. Some of our tours will not require your physical exertion, while others are muscle-powered: mountain biking, hiking, white-water rafting, horseback riding are just a few examples of adventure activities that await you on our tour itineraries.

With us for groups of four or more travellers
Just contact our office and our adventure travel specialists will help to design customized adventure trip tailored to meet your special requests and demands - from the ground up the way you like it.

Description Tour period
Three Days on Baikal (3 days, 2 nights, from: 1 May – 31 October)
Six Days on Baikal (6 days, 5 nights, from: 1 May – 1 October)
Baikal – Cradle of Civilisations (9 days, 8 nights, from: 1 May – 1 October)
Ten Days on Southern Baikal (10 days, 9 nights, from: 1 May – 1 October)
Baikal from South to North (14 days, 13 nights, from 1 May 1 October)
Two Great Lakes of Asia Baikal and Hovsgol (14 days, 13 nights, from: 15 May – 1 October)
Baikal Mongolian Asia (14 days, 13 nights, from: 15 May – 1 October)
Fuyan (15 days, 14 nights, from: 15 May – 1 October)
Tea Route (13 days, 12 nights, from: 15 May – 1 October)
The Path of a Shaman
Classical Tour
(7 days, 6 nights, from: 1 June – 15 October)
To Baikal Via the Old Gold Mines
Horseback Riding Tour
(8 days, 7 nights, from: May 15 – October 15)
The Baikal Odyssey
Yacht Sailing Trip on Lake Baikal
(9 days, 8 nights, from: 15 May– 15 September)
The Whitewaters of Eastern Siberia
Rafting the Irkut River
(9 days, 8 nights, from: 1 June - 31 August)
In Search of Ancient Civilizations
Off-Road Ethnographic Discovery Trip along Lake Baikal shore
(9 nights, 8 days, from: 1 June – 15 October)
Siberian Riviera and the Angara Headwaters
Trekking from Peschanaya bay to Listvyanka settlement
(10 days, 9 nights, from 15 May – 15 October)
Departures: 13 July-22 July, 27 July –05 August,
10 August – 19 August, 28 August – 06 September
The Tazheran Steppe and Olkhon Island
Cycling the sacred areas of Lake Baikal
(10 days, 9 nights, from: 15 May 15 September)
The Small Sea and the Sacred Nose
Kayaking the warm bays of lake Baikal
(9 days, 8 nights, from: 1 June – 15 September) departures: 14 July – 22 July, 18 August – 24 August.
Adventure Travel to the Land of Gesser
A rafting trip in the heart of Sayany mountains
(11 days, 10 nights, from: 1 June 31 August)
Tunka Valley Spa Trail
Trekking trip to Shumak Springs and back
(12 days, 11 nights, from: 5 June 15 September)
Tunka valley spas and Olkhon island
Trekking Shumak valley and Olkhon Island
(14 days, 13 nights, from: 1 June - 15 September)
Ultimate Baikal (12 days, 11 nights; June 15 –September 15)
Departures: 21 July-1 August, 4 August – 15 August,
11 August – 22 August, 1 September – 12 September
White Christmas in Siberia (10 nights, 11 days, starts from the 23d of December)
Orthodox Shrovetide on Baikal (7 days,6 nights, from: 23 February – 15 March)

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