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River cruising is one of the most enjoyable and therefore, sought-after ways to spend your long-awaited holiday, which successfully combines proximity to nature – a heartfelt desire of careworn city-dwellers – with the standards of comfort they cannot do without.
Stargaze on the top deck, enchanted by the romantic moonlight, or relax in a cosy bar over a cup of coffee or an ingeniously mixed cocktail. Stay active from dawn till night or simply be as idle as you like. Shape your holiday as you fancy it and we will do our best to gratify all the wishes of our guests.

Moscow makes an excellent starting point for this tour. Moscow, immeasurably huge, bustling and business-like, still retains an unfading sense of the loved and treasured past, revealed by its ornate churches, shady lanes with attractive old mansions, masterpieces of art and architecture dating from as far as the 15th century.
On the way to Saint-Petersburg you will spend several relaxing and memorable days touring Russia’s countryside.
The little town of Uglich will welcome you with the silvery chimes of the church bells. Escorted by the knowledgeable guide you will discover the mysteries of the Uglich Kremlin, enjoy the melodious singing of the church choir and listen to the tragic story of Prince Dimitry, the youngest son of Ivan the Terrible, ruthlessly murdered in Uglich by the tsar’s rivals.
On the next day you will have the opportunity to visit Kostroma. Founded in 1152, Kostroma is a lovely northern town, which was generously patronized by the Romanov dynasty. It is noted for the elaborate trading arcade and the scenic ensemble of the Ipatiev monastery, housing the festive Romanov chambers and the museum of natural history, boasting a fine collection of butterflies.
The next point of our itinerary is Yaroslavl whose ancient undisturbed beauty will move you profoundly. The white-stoned monastery of Our Saviour’s Transfiguration and the Church of St. Elijah the Prophet with frescoes of a beauty that is hard to encompass await you in Yaroslavl, one of the most precious pearls in the string of Russia’s Golden Ring towns.
The tiny island of Kizhi is a sparkling gem in the vast richness of Russia’s cultural heritage. Its unique open-air museum contains unequaled masterpieces of wooden architecture of the 17th and 18th centuries. The pride of this marvelous collection is the Church of St. Lazarus’ Resurrection dating back to the 14th century. Stroll around this serene fairytale-like island and its vivid image will be imprinted in your mind forever.
Mandrogui is one of the most popular tourist stops with all our guests. This toy-like village will offer you all kinds of entertainment: folklore shows, souvenir shops, the Vodka museum, a little zoo and an elk farm.
Gradually our cruise will come to an end you will find yourself in the legendary St. Petersburg. Founded in 1703 and built by the Europe’s most distinguished architects of the 18th and 19th centuries, St. Petersburg justly ranks among the world’s most beautiful cities. Northern Venice, the city-museum, the finest creation of Peter the Great – all this is St. Petersburg, presently Russia’s second city.

Without doubt, a river cruise along the intricate system of waterways between Moscow and St. Petersburg offers you a relaxing, yet informative holiday without the difficulties of a long road by car or train. You just have to unpack once and then be free to enjoy your cruise.

The pride of our fleet are 9 ships namely:

“Alexander Radishchev”
“Nikolay Chernyshevsky”
“Nizhny Novgorod”
“Konstantin Korotkov”
“Konstantin Fedin”
“Zosima Shashkov”
“Konstantin Simonov”
“Georgy Chicherin”
“Leonid Sobolev”

Built in Germany the ships boast excellent navigating characteristics and high safety standards. These four-deck vessels with promenade decks, spacious public lounges, bars and others facilities including sauna, gift shop, doctor and laundry service, have the capacity of about 250 passengers. All cabins offer outside views and have air-conditioning, private facilities, radio, 220 voltage sockets and refrigerator. The suite cabins, twice the size of a standard cabin, are equipped with TV and VCR and feature upgraded furnishing and modern design.
But wherever and however you decide to spend your time on board you will always be surrounded by the atmosphere of hearty welcome and unobtrusive service created by our praiseworthy staff.

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