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Tourist invitation (confirmation and voucher) from 30 euros.

Russian Tourist Visa is issued to foreigners who enter Russia temporarily for tourism, sightseeing, visit a friend. Tourist visas are issued for a duration of stay 1 – 30 days. To obtain a Russian tourist visa you need to present to the Russian Consulate a tourist visa support (or voucher).

The tourist visa support comprises:

  1. a standart tourist acceptance confirmation from the authorized hosting Russian travel agency, registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The confirmation must contain the agency’s reference number.

Please note that hotel booking is not sufficient for visa application. Tourist visas cannot be changed or extended. Tourist visas cannot be processed earlier then 90 days before your visit to Russia.

Requirements for foreign citizens to obtain tourist visa support to Russia:

  1. we need complete passport information and dates of visit to Russia.
  2. Invitation and voucher would be prepared within one hour same business day and send to you by fax or e-mail, unless the original is required.

To obtain your visa, you have to submit the copy of visa support along with the required paperwork to the Russian Embassy or Consulate of your choice and state “tourism” as the purpose of your visit while filling in visa questionnaire or you can use local visa service agency that can complete the process for you.


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