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Moscow is a modern European city with luxurious hotels, restaurants, casinos, world-famous historical monuments and sights. Welcome to Moscow «so great and so charming»! We do hope that these words of M. Bulgakov will find a path to your hearts making you like this wonderful city as we do!
Moscow is one of the ancient capitals of the world. The first written mention of Moscow dates back to 1147, when Yuri Dolgoruky, the Prince of the Suzdal land invited Prince Svyatoslav of the Novgorod-Seversky land to that small town for a counsel. That’s how the history of the Russian capital started and Yuri Dolgoruky is believed to be the founder of Moscow. Soon a small wooden fortress – the Kremlin – was built on a wooded hill over the Moskva River.
Moscow passed through many severe ordeals, it resisted a great many enemy raids and was burnt several times but managed to recover again and again. Neither intestine wars nor enemy invasions could stop the rise and development of Moscow which grew rapidly as a center unifying the Russian lands into a single state.
So, in spite of all troubles and misfortunes, Moscow was and remains the great and unique capital of the great country.

Description Operates Hours 1 pax 2 pax 3 pax 4-7 pax
City tour daily 3 82 47 37 29
Kremlin + 3 Cathedrals ex. Thu 3 98 55 46 44
Novodevichy Convent ex. Tue 2 78 43 37 32
Armoury Chamber ex. Thu 3 98 57 55 51
Diamond Fund ex. Thu 2 88 60 50 52
Pushkin Museum ex. Mon 3 98 55 53 46
Tretyakov Gallery ex. Mon 3 98 55 53 46
Kuskovo ex. Mon, Tue 3 98 57 55 48
Kolomenskoye ex. Mon 3 98 59 56 50
Sergiev Posad ex. Mon 7 195 125 98 96

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